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One of the greatest strengths of our school is the level of parent involvement. Though our name implies that we are a cooperative nursery school, we prefer to position ourselves as a school that allows parents the flexibility to become involved in ways that are comfortable to them. As a co-op parent, you will have direct input into the running and philosophy of the preschool. Parents are always welcome in the classroom and can watch their children with others to see how they fit within their age group.

The children are engaged in a quality program with qualified teachers who chose a cooperative school in order to bring an appreciation for the role of parents in a school setting. They are not only committed to quality early childhood education, but partnering with parents to make the experience for all involved the best it can be.

At our school, you'll meet and interact with other parents. This reduces the isolation and loneliness often experienced by parents of preschoolers. You'll work with parents who share your basic philosophy of involvement with your child. Our teachers are readily available for advice and information about your child. You will work with like-minded and kind people towards joint goals.

All about the Kids

We create a great foundation of learning for the children to build upon and have fun doing it. Come enjoy these brief few years and reap the benefits our co-op can offer. All too soon, your children will be going to grade school. As they get older, your input and involvement will become limited. Let's all enjoy these precious few years together!

EHCOOP Board Members

Our board members and committee members are made up of current EHCOOP parents who donate their time and effort for the betterment of our school. All current EHCOOP families are always welcome to attend our monthly board meetings. Parents interested in becoming a board member can contact us for more information.

" school can work well for children if parents and teachers do not act in partnership on behalf of the children's best interests."
Dorothy H. Cohen

Contact us at 973-515-0477 in East Hanover, New Jersey, to learn how you can get involved in our parent-run school.
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469 Ridgedale Avenue
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