A Cooperative Nursery School Offering Social & Academic Preschool Programs

The East Hanover Cooperative Nursery School of New Jersey offers preschool programs that inspire and encourage kids in a caring and nurturing environment. We focus on teaching both social and academic skills.

** Child must be 3 years old by October 1st to enroll in 3's program. 

** Child must be 4 years old by October 1st to enroll in the 4's program.

Three-Year-Old Program

We strive to make the child's first school experience a positive and enjoyable one while creating a safe place for learning and making friends. Socialization is particularly stressed, including instilling the values of friendship, sharing, and kindness.

Through arts and crafts and using examples from the environment around us, we emphasize letter and number recognition along with shapes and colors. Every day at circle time we go around the room to each child and identify colors on their clothing and look around the room to identify shapes. The seasons and the calendar are discussed, including days of the week, months, year.

Children also learn a new set of songs each month to celebrate the holidays and the seasons. Along with the songs, children enthusiastically use finger play and hand motions to incorporate large motor skills into the fun. Large motor skills are developed through playing at the playground, climbing through tunnels, and playing with the parachute, obstacle course, and scooters.

Four-Year-Old Program

We provide children with a loving and nurturing atmosphere that fosters social skills of respect, manners, and friendliness. In this caring social foundation, the children eagerly learn life and academic skills. They'll also learn their phone numbers and addresses and how to write their names, alphabet, and numbers. We focus on learning through play, promoting imagination and creativity balanced with structure. Our well rounded program helps to prepare students for Kindergarten.


Contact us at 973-515-0477 in East Hanover, New Jersey, to learn more about our diverse preschool programs.

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